Community Outreach

As a way of supporting our local food pantry, Hope collects canned goods that are delivered to Caring & Sharing.  We do special holiday drives in November and January.

Diapers and wipes are big needs that Caring & Sharing and Shelter House are short of all the time.  Donations of these items can be dropped off at Hope or the organizations.  Please go to for Shelter House.  Facebook users can contact Caring and Sharing on their Facebook Page.


Turn old cell phones into minutes of prepaid calling cards for US Troops stationed overseas. Phones are sent to ReCellular, which pays “Cell Phones for Soldiers” enough to provide one hour of talk time for each old cell phone turned in. They will accept any type of cell phone. Bring your phone to the church lobby or to a Hope Volunteer at the beach service. The cell phones are sold to a company that recycles them. You can erase all personal data from your phone by accessing through the internet. They will provide step by step directions on how to erase your personal information and data. Help support our troops by helping them “phone home”.

Hope collects peanut butter and jelly for Caring and Sharing.  Donations can be dropped off in the church lobby.  Your donation spreads a long way.