Mission and Core Values


God has called Hope Lutheran Church to be a "Light to South Walton" by engaging people to:
  • Discover Jesus and His Church.
  • Devote to Christ-like living.
  • Deploy missionaries everywhere.


  • Acceptance--Everyone is a child of God and treated like family. John 3:17
  • Compassionate Community--We seek to serve and care for others. Acts 2:44-46
  • Spirit-Led Bible Based Lutheran Church--God's Word is the same but our methods vary to fulfill His mission. 
    1 Cor 9:22-23
  • Worship--Worshiping together is a priority. Acts 2:42/John 4:24
  • Transformation--Christ changes you and changes those around you. 2 Cor 3:18
  • Passing on the Passion--Sharing life and faith with others, especially the next generation. Psalm 22:30-31