Faith in Action The Mark of a True and Mature Believer

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James 2:17-26
Monday, 26 September 2011

There is an old saying that goes “Actions speak louder than words.” This is a core message throughout James epistle in the New Testament.  The book of James, believed by many to be the most practical and one of the most challenging books of the Bible, gives us clear direction on what it means to be a TRUE and MATURE follower of Jesus Christ.  We will share Biblical truths to define a true and mature faith and explore six important questions:

1.  What is "dead" faith and how do we bring it back to life?
2.  Is belief alone proof of salvation?
3.  What is the most common act of hypocrisy in the Christian faith?
4.  How can we become considered rightous and a "friend of God"?
5.  How does our definition of religion compare to God's?
6.  How do we live a life of true impact and maturity for Christ?
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